Anonymous asked:

Hey tally please help me! Ever since I was about 12 my parents have told me I'm obese and fat, I'm 16 now and it's still going on. I'm not particularly happy with my weight (12-14 uk size) but I hate it when she is so cruel with her words. However I've told her this and she doesn't care all she wants is a skinny daughter. Now she's started doing the same to my 10 year old sister who is now convinced she's fat. I don't know what to do to stop it :( please help me Tally!

Love Yourself Answer:


a size 12-14 is not obese in any way at all! I dont even know what to say because your mum sounds vicious and its dangerous to both you and your sister. Please ignore your mum and realise you are a healthy size, as for your sister, you need to reassure her that firstly, life is not all about size and appearance, secondly tell her your mother is obsessed by weight and cant see clearly and has a distorted view on what is healthy and what is not. Its good to encourage your children/family to be HEALTHY but by telling them they are fat and obese will only encourage unhealthy dieting! I wish I could adopt you both ugh, Im sorry but your mum is a disgrace and you need to tell her that! xxx